WordPress makes publishing easy for everyone, from individual bloggers to the largest media companies on the web.


In this infographic, we look at which major media companies trust WordPress and why.

WordPress is used 24.2 % of all website, that’s more than 74 million.website and have more to share approx 60.4 % in CMS Market. Between January to July 2015, WordPress usage increased 7% and adding 1.1 Million Domains.The Important of the media Industry. online and Digital Channels are the source of much of this Growth.

The Scoop on What Makes WordPress trustworthy.WordPress is an easy- to-use CMS with powerful features, making publishing a breeze.

Its  Provide  More Especially,  

  • Search engine optimization – it’s easy to crawl WordPress Framework.


  • Google Executive Matt Cutts – endorses WordPress Blog.


  • Customization – There are Available A lot of Theme.


  • Media Capabilities  – There is Image, Video, Audio files can be easily inserted and edited.


  • Plugins – There are Available  35,000 Plugins Nearly 1 billion times.


  • Safety and Security –  There are Available Automatic Update features prevent from cyber attack.


  • Mobile Compatibility – There are Available Responsive themes allow for automatic mobile Friendliness.


  • Convenience –  There is 40 Language Translation available.


  • Time-saving features – There has a scheduled post.


  • Multi – user- compatibility – There are Assign Author, Editor, admin and even super admin roles.


  • continuous Improvement – There is  Source code is Update 60-80 per day, meaning WordPress continues getting better with time.




WordPress And Its many features and benefits continue to make it the Most Popular CMS in the world. Simplify Your Publishing Needs!


I hope above information will help you properly. Get more information related to a wordpress contact WordPress support phone number, they will guide you step by step.


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