Functionality in a WordPress theme or Plugin-

The appropriate answer to this confusion is functionality belongs to WordPress plugin and not the theme.

Which functionality is WordPress?

  • Functionality is a range of Operation that can be run to serve a purpose in a system.
  • A functionality plugin is an approach to isolate what you may ordinarily put in a topic’s functions.php record, and place it in a module. It is exactly like the theme functions.php file, however, is separate from the theme thus not influenced by theme updates or fixing to the theme so you free the greater part of your functions in case you switch themes.
  • Functionality that exists to prove the WordPress core and to address brand new feature belong in a WordPress plugin.
  • Common belief about functionality in WordPress


    WordPress Theme providers on theme forest and other premium theme provider.


    Due to the huge demand of the market, they create WordPress theme with full of functionality.

    They Believe that WordPress plugins are less secure and make a site load slowly result? WordPress theme market is saturated and full of bloated themes with an unnecessary feature.

    What is the basic difference between Theme and Plugin?


    Basically, the theme takes all the information that is stored on your site (posts, pages, sidebars, etc.) and determines how to organize and display it to your traffic or readers.

    Like, if you have a blog page, the theme will control the entire look of the header and footer, and additionally control how each post is displayed: whether the blog should have an image or should there be an author name with a date or How long each title should be? Or What color should the title be? All of these questions are under the control of the theme you choose.


    Plugins essentially are extensions of WordPress. A plugin takes the basic WordPress software, and change, enhance, add, or remove functionality.

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