Hey, Are you want to Change Your WordPress Domain name from Your Website? whatever reason you have to change the domain or URL of your WordPress website…. Now, we are helping you to  How to manage to change your WordPress domain name.

If you need any further assistance related to WordPress, you can always talk to our WordPress customer service team.


It’s Important “WordPress WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL settings “


WordPress website URL address providing two settings by WordPress :-  


WordPress WP_HOME – WordPress website address to used to access the website in WordPress.


WP_SITEURL – For searching Your WordPress files location.


We would highly recommend obtaining a backup of your website database before making any changes.


Option 1 –  changing the WordPress address via WordPress Admin Dashboard

Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and navigate to Settings > General section. below General Settings section realize and enter your new WordPress Address URL and website Address URL.


Click Save Changes button at very cheap and refresh the page. WordPress ought to currently load exploitation the new name.


Option 2 – Dynamic WordPress address via wp-config.php

click on File transfer and opt for the transfer Files currently button.


Option 3 – exploitation phpMyAdmin to vary WordPress address

Login to your any account and access Manage Databases section, find WordPress information and hit Manage. you’ll access phpMyAdmin tool.

On the left-hand corner choose your WordPress information.


Inside your WordPress information, realize wp_options table and click on Browse button. Please note that words per minute could also be completely different looking on your WordPress installation settings.


I hope above information will help you properly. Get more information related to the wordpress contact wordpress support phone number, they will guide you step by step.


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