Hey this side surbhi and today we are sharing an article on the topic “How to Style Individual Categories Differently in WordPress” so you are searching a different style of categories in wordpress ?   Most WordPress themes use the same style for all category pages, if you run a content rich website, then you can style each category differently to maximize their potential. WordPress Support

What you’ll have

To follow this tutorial, you may need:

A development installation of WordPress

a code editor

If you have already got an issue you would like to use this system on, you will be acting on your theme’s stylesheet. i am attending to produce child theme of the Twenty Fifteen theme and edit the stylesheet in my child theme.

Your website can in all probability already be inhabited with posts; in order that my site has some posts i am attending to transfer the WordPress theme check knowledge.


Creating the Theme

If you are operating along with your own theme you’ll be able to skip this section, however here’s what you would like to try to to to make a child theme of Twenty Fifteen.


Importing the information


If your web site already has posts you’ll be able to skip this section, however here’s the way to import the theme unit check knowledge into your web site.


Go to the Theme Unit check page and transfer the xml file that is connected to.

In your web site, move to Tools > Import. Click on the WordPress link.

Click on the select File button and choose the file you’ve got simply downloaded. Click the transfer File and Import button.

Follow the prompts and anticipate WordPress to import the information.

Identifying designs to focus on


WordPress encompasses a number of example tags that output categories for your pages and posts once they are viewed within the browser. These are:


body_class(), that you boost the body tag in a very theme’s header.php file: it adds categories to the body component in step with the sort of page being viewed.

post_class(), that works in a very similar manner however is employed with posts within the loop.


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