Hey this side surbhi and today we are sharing an article on the topic “How to secure WordPress website from Hacking” In this article we are Helping you to secure Your website From Hacking Now days the growing popularity of WordPress has also created more interest among hackers.

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Last week, I was preparation for an interview about my work at Copyblogger’s managed WordPress hosting division. I chick in scratched a top 10 list of tips for keeping your WordPress website secure.

10 Step to secure WordPress website


  1. Maintain strong passwords


Let’s kick off the list with the easiest step you can implement immediately. Hopefully you already have. I’ll link to it again: “Password Protection: How to Create Strong Passwords” from PC. I used a number of the tips listed in that post to completely overhaul my personal password strategy. If you aren’t using a password that’s at least ten characters, with numbers and letters don’t use  capitals and lowercase .


     2. Always keep up with updates


WordPress updates are not just released for the Google News search results. They are released to fix bugs, introduce new features and the most importantly  to patch security holes.


   3. Protect your WordPress admin access


Should you change the name of the default “admin” user that every WordPress installation starts out with? Sure, you can. It certainly isn’t going to hurt.


   4. Guard against brute force attacks


First, your web host should be helping to protect you from brute force attacks. We do. We regularly monitor where failed login attempts are coming from and then lock out the offending IP addresses.

Second, make sure you’ve checked off tips 1, 2, and 3 above.

Third, there are programs that can be installed (such as Limit Login Attempts) that will make it much more difficult for brute force techniques to work.


   5.Monitor for malware


It’s imperative that you have some kind of system in place to constantly monitor your site for malware.



   6.Then do something about malware!


Monitoring for malware is not a solution in and of itself. The solution is what happens once malware is detected.


   7.Choose the right web host


One major security risk is being on a shared server. Think of it this way: take the security risks inherent in your own WordPress installation, then multiply it by the number of sites on the server. And if you go with generic hosting, chances are you’re going to be lumped in with hundreds and hundreds of other websites.


   8.Clean your site like you clean your kitchen


Did you know that your WordPress installation could easily have ticking time bombs sitting on it that you’re not aware of?

If you have old themes and plug-in that you’re not using anymore, especially if they haven’t been updated, you can basically just go ahead and start the countdown to your next security breach. A messy site also makes it much more difficult for security professionals to operate should your site be compromised.



    9.Control sensitive information


While your website host should be scanning for items like this, why leave anything to chance? You wouldn’t walk out your front door without pants on (at least I’d hope not!) … so don’t run your website that way.


10.Stay vigilant


You should be with a managed WordPress host who has your back, but it never hurts to have your own too.

Follow Twitter accounts like Sucuri or ours, where we’ll update you when we hear of relevant security issues affecting the web. And just keep your eyes peeled. Don’t think that security issues are only affecting those other sites. They could just as easily be affecting yours.

In the end

Most importantly, we need to respect the critical nature of taking website security seriously.

In The ten steps above are not the only security safeguards you should be considering, but they are a well-rounded start, especially for those who may have trouble implementing the basics.

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