Hey this side surbhi and today we are sharing an article on the topic “How to Create Short URL in our Blog”These short URLs square measure simple to recollect and strengthen your complete recognition among users. during this article, we are going to show you ways to simply produce your own tailored short URLs for your diary. For More Information go WordPress Technical Support HelpLine


Why Use a Branded tailored Short computer address in WordPress?


You may have detected however fashionable websites just like the big apple Times, Twitter, Facebook, TechCrunch use branded short URLs on social media.The big apple times uses nytimes, TechCrunch uses tcrn.ch, and WPBeginner uses wpbeg.in name for shorter tailored URLs.These branded domain names square measure referred to as domain hacks. they’re created by combining the brand and a site TLD to smartly spell a brand.

Since most websites use .com as their primary domain, this is often an honest thanks to produce a brief computer address for your WordPress website. See our recommendations on choosing the simplest domain for your diary.

Using your own tailored short computer address improves complete recognition among your users. It conjointly permits you to make shorter URLs for simple sharing on social platforms. most significantly, you’ll simply track these computer Address to visualize what percentage clicks you bought once you shared a URL.


Step 1: obtain a brief computer address or Short name


Most folks don’t have a brief computer address as our primary name. this implies you may ought to register a replacement name that’s abundant shorter than your current domain.This created our short computer address half dozen characters shorter than our primary domain.There square measure several free name generators that permit you to mechanically generate name suggestions. See our list of fourteen best free name generators.Domainr is that the one that focuses on serving to you discover short domains.Once you have got found a site name that meets your desires and is offered, you’ll register it on GoDaddy and Namecheap.


Step 2: Setup Your Custom Domain in Bitly


Bitly may be a fashionable computer address shortener service that permits you to manage and track links. we tend to use it to shorten our WordPress URLs and manage them.First you may ought to produce a Bitly account and so click on account settings.On the settings menu you would like to pick out Advanced Settings » Branded Short Domains and so add your custom short domain.


Step 3: Set DNS A Record to purpose to Bitly


Go to the domain management space of on your domain registrar’s website and appearance for DNS records. If you took our recommendation and registered your domain with GoDaddy, then you may notice it underneath Domains.Add the science Addresses you derived from Bitly web site as A records underneath DNS.


Step 4: established Short computer address on Your WordPress website


The best half regarding victimization Bitly is that you simply will simply manage, share, and track your short URLs directly from your WordPress website.First, issue you would like to try to to is install and activate the WP Bitly plugin. For a lot of details, see our step by step guide a way to install a WordPress plugin.Upon activation, you would like to go to Settings » Writing page and scroll all the way down to the ‘WP Bitly Options’ section.


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