Hello This side surbhi. dwivedi and today we are discussing on the topic “How Its Merge Two WordPress Sites Together Without Any Losing SEO” Sometimes we tend to produce multiple WordPress sites however later need to merge them along. WordPress comes with constitutional tools to simply to try to to this. If you need more information go WordPress customer service number

Why It’s Merge 2 WordPress Sites Together?

There might be lots of reasons for merging 2 or a lot of sites along however we wish to start out a brand new WordPress diary by combining recent blogs with none mistake . one more reason might be that one amongst your blogs isn’t doing thus well, and you would like to merge its content with one amongst your primary blogs.

Most users merge WordPress sites to pay less time on maintaining a separate WordPress install. rather than running, marketing, change and keeping WordPress backups of 2 or a lot of sites, you’ll specialize in maintaining and growing only 1 WordPress website.

Exporting Content From recent WordPress website

If You Don’t wanna forget to make complete WordPress backup of each your websites. this can are available handy just in case something goes wrong and you would like to revert back.

This file can contain the following:

All your WordPress posts and pages

All custom post varieties (if you have got any)

All classes and tags and custom taxonomies

Merging Content on New WordPress website

Now that you simply have exported content from your recent website, it’s time to merge it together with your new WordPress website.

Head over to the admin space of the destination {site|website|web website} (the site wherever you would like content to be merged) and visit Tools » Import page.

Setting up Redirects

After with success merging content from 2 WordPress sites, following step is to setup redirects so users visiting the recent {site|website|web website} square measure mechanically redirected to the new WordPress site.

You will got to edit the .htaccess file on the recent WordPress website.

How to import missing images?

For that you simply can ought to briefly disable send by writing .htaccess file and removing the code you else earlier. at the moment you’ll follow the directions in our guide the way to import external pictures in WordPress.

Don’t forget to setup redirects once more once mercantilism your pictures.

Fix URLs inform to recent domain in posts and pages

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