Hello Friends today I am telling you “How to Permanently Delete a WordPress Site from the Internet.”

People who want to remove their site, just simply remove their files from the file manager. But you will be amazed to know that your site is not completely deleted from the Internet. If You Have any issue you Dial wordPress technical support phone number.

Just follow the steps correctly –

Permanently Delete a WordPress Site from the Internet

Here are the steps you can take to properly delete a WordPress site and make it difficult to find.

  1. Backup Your WordPress Site

First thing you need to do is to create a complete backup of your WordPress site. Even though you want to delete your site completely So you should still make a backup.

  1. Delete Your WordPress Files

Scroll down to the WordPress installation you want to delete. Click on “View and Manage Details.” Click on “Uninstall Application,” and then check the box next to “Delete my Database” and “Delete my Files.”

  1. Block Search Engines Using Robots.txt

Now that you have deleted your website, it is time to block search engines from crawling your website. So you don’t want our pages to be crawled.

First you will need to create a new robots.txt file using file manager in cPanel or FTP.

  1. Removing Content From Search Engines

Even though your content does not exist anymore, search engines may keep showing it for some time.

Search engines understand that websites can go down due to technical faults. This is why they keep showing the content for a while hoping that your website will come back.

You will need to explicitly tell search engines that your content is no longer available, and it is removed permanently.

The easiest way to do this is by using the htaccess file. You will need to create a new file in your website’s root directory and name it htaccess.

  1. How to Permanently Delete a WordPress Site from the Internet

Now that you’ve disallowed search engines and remove content using htaccess file, the last thing you can do is to remove any available cached website traces from the Wayback Machine. It is the world’s largest archive of websites containing billions of cached webpages.

In order to remove the cached versions of your websites from Wayback Machine, you need to contact Archive.org and request them to remove all cached versions of your website so they’ll never be included again.

Hope this article will be worthy and helpful. To get best support and help, you can chat with our customer executive Dial wordpress support to get Help.


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