Are you seeing ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error on your site? This error makes it impossible to upload images, update themes and plug-in, or update WordPress core. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in WordPress. If You Have any issue you Dial wordPress technical support phone number.

What Causes The ‘Missing a Temporary Folder’ Error in WordPress?

This error is caused by incorrect PHP settings on your WordPress hosting environment. There is a specific PHP setting that defines a temporary folder to be used by apps like WordPress to temporarily store data before saving it to the desired location.

WordPress needs access to this temporary folder when you upload an image, install or update a theme or plug-in, or update WordPress core.

If the location of this folder is not defined in your server’s PHP configuration, then WordPress will be unable to do any of these things and will show you ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error.

Apply following steps to complete this task:-

1) Find out exact physical path of your account public html folder. Create a text file and name it phpinfo.php. Add below lines in the file. Save file then upload file in the public html folder of your server.

2) Run phpinfo.php file by pointing your browser to the file. Replace with your actual domain  name.

3) Search for two entries _SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”] and Loaded Configuration File. Note down value against these entries.

In my case value for above entries are

_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”]  -> /home/homefolder/public_html/phpinfo.php

Loaded Configuration File -> /etc/php/php.ini

4) If your hosting account support custom php.ini or you have server access then you can complete following steps otherwise you need to ask your hosting company to complete this for you.

Hope this article will be worthy and helpful. To get best support and help, you can chat with our customer executive Dial wordpress support Helpline number 1-877-994-9757 to get Help.



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